So  far today, the first proper day of a week off, I've tried to save some power by fitting a Stand By Off adapter to my big telly, the instructions were all pretty clear, plug the four-way adapter in, plug the TV components in to the block.  then plug Scart adapter in line with the scart lead of the telly and then plugging in the small USB plug to the power black and the standard USB plug into the back of the sky box.  Got that far and found out that  my Sky box doesn't have a USB socket anywhere on it.  Went out into town for some foil dishes, strangely I was able to get these in a town where buying a ripe banana can be a challenge, especially on a Sunday.  I'm grateful to live in a town with only one roundabout and one set of traffic lights, I see quite enough of these during the week.  The town is pleasantly sun lit today but there is a sneaky cold wind cracking in off the sea to keep us on our toes.

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