I've decided that racing around trying to do everything at work is not the answer.   It isn't my job to ensure that we have enough resources to complete everything, that is the manager's job.  That's why they get the big bucks and bonuses. 
We mere foot soldiers, the plebs, our opinions aren't considered or even sought.  shame really, if they ran things past us occasionally we could probably save them a lot of time effort and money.   We have a horrendously complicated system for managing parts inventories, which is not very effective.  It makes changes to stock levels based on history, which means that the decisions are not made intelligently.  It can mean that parts are purchased that we have no need of, when a quick call to the engineer would probably mean that we could save the company a load of cash.  Why is it that companies trust a software program more than the intelligent life forms?  All it needs is an option when you use a part that would allow the user to add the part to their inventory if they felt it was needed, The troops on the ground are in a far better position to make that kind of choice than a piece of software, which can't actually think or use common sense.

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