I've decided that racing around trying to do everything at work is not the answer.   It isn't my job to ensure that we have enough resources to complete everything, that is the manager's job.  That's why they get the big bucks and bonuses. 
We mere foot soldiers, the plebs, our opinions aren't considered or even sought.  shame really, if they ran things past us occasionally we could probably save them a lot of time effort and money.   We have a horrendously complicated system for managing parts inventories, which is not very effective.  It makes changes to stock levels based on history, which means that the decisions are not made intelligently.  It can mean that parts are purchased that we have no need of, when a quick call to the engineer would probably mean that we could save the company a load of cash.  Why is it that companies trust a software program more than the intelligent life forms?  All it needs is an option when you use a part that would allow the user to add the part to their inventory if they felt it was needed, The troops on the ground are in a far better position to make that kind of choice than a piece of software, which can't actually think or use common sense.
In fact there was something like a spring flowing through my dining room ceiling this evening. for some reason that escapes me the top of the cold bath tap decided to detach itself and allow a spout of water to pour out, mostly  into the bath but some sprayed out sideways  and soaked the room.  Thank goodness for inline valves, soon turned off and I was very grateful that it happened while we were at home.  Now I need to save up for a new set of taps as I don't think I can trust the old ones, even after reassembling it. 
I think I may have to rip it all out and start again.  Not something I relish the thought of.
Well, at last, after one of the longest weeks ever the weekend is here.  Not sure why but I have felt totally exhausted all week and have been going to bed early every night.  The sun is trying to shine today and I shall soon be taking myself to the beach for some fresh air.  Before that I will be plugging the guitars in to make some noise.  I need to buy coleslaw as well.  There's always something!
For some reason I have felt completely worn out today, was tired when I woke up and got worse as the  day went on.  Now, as bed time approaches, I'm beginning to wake up. Another long day tomorrow, though hopefully  not as long as the last two days.  Perhaps we should jack it all  in and run away with the circus.
Its a miserable day day and I'm trying to get something done but my heart isn't in it.
Sorted out my work tool box which was getting a bit tatty and put everything into a better one I found at the back of the cupboard.   Maybe it will make me look a bit ,more professional!
I've looked at the outstanding work in the bathroom and I am making some efforts there this morning but in my search for some tools I found that the input on my bass guitar was loose and crackling so I'm taking a few minutes out to sort it.  <<ten minutes later>>  That's better!  Tightened up and no more crackling.  Time for a few bars of the bass riff from the Strangler's Peaches on the beaches.
This won't get the wood work done in the bathroom but maybe I can deal with the plumbing instead.
Very tired after a long  week trying to keep on top of an impossible workload.  The weekend will consist of making dinners, trying to write a story and some music practice. All colleagues in a similar situation as they are trying to pass work to me to ease their loads, For the first time I am refusing some requests as I am a bit disappointed to find that I have been travelling back from out of area jobs when the people who asked me to cover jobs are at home with their feet up.  I can't see finishing every night at 6-7 pm when others are at home at 4.30.  Its a nice sunny day today so I'm off up the cliffs for a stroll in the fresh air. 
back at work and hard at it.  230 miles today and probably more tomorrow.
Relaxing by plinking the ukulele, apparently  the a la mode instrument at the moment.  I knew if I kept it long enough it would be fashionable again.  I don't follow fashion, fashion follows me.
Dug out and re-strung my mandolin as well, I do like the sound and it doesn't take up as much space as a guitar, so it might be an idea to take it with me to practice at lunchtimes.
Isn't it amazing how fast a week goes by when you don't have to work?  I have a theory about this called Variable Chronology Syndrome.

During the day those in power slow down the passage of time in order that they can extract the maximum amount of work from you in the minimum of time. 
Once the day is over the same hand turns the control to 'Fast' so that the hours between the end of a shift and the beginning of the next pass quickly so that you can be back serving your capitalist masters again and make them more money.
Sun shining today and everything looks better.  took a trip out to Margaret Greens Animal Sanctuary at Church Knowle.  Saw some delightful kittens and much to my surprise, managed to get away without pleas to take one home.  My week off is passing in a blur, tomorrow morning is my check up at the hospital after the umpteenth operation on my shoulder that took place just before Christmas.  should be the last time.
Having this week off wasn't great timing, unknown to me when I booked the week there is a lot going on that will require a lot of customer support but nobody thought to warn us.  We are enjoying a relaxing time here, apart from tackling the crap hidden away in THE CUPBOARD!!!  It was a bit like Christmas and I found a load of stuff that I had forgotten about, like a pile of SD cards, loads of lost tools and some guitar parts.